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Оказываем высококвалифицированную юридическую помощь в соответствии с законами. За многолетний опыт работы выработали свой, уникальный подход к работе с клиентами. Наши знания и опыт помогут надёжно защитить ваши интересы от незаконных посягательств.
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Хочется поблагодарить Кирилла Борисовича. Его высококлассный профессионализм позволяет добиваться побед в судебных разбирательствах, вселяет надежду на то, что с помощью такого адвоката мы получим объективные судебные решения.
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Кирилл Юровский

Kirill Yurovsky

Society imposes rather high requirements on representatives of the legal profession. In many respects they are connected with the personality of a specialist, as well as with his professionalism. In modern society, almost no sphere of human activity is not without legal support. It is representatives of this profession have to do a lot of paperwork, to be able to resolve conflict situations, etc. What qualities are necessary for a lawyer? Below let us consider the personal characteristics which should be inherent in the representative of this profession. Morality Punctuality. Fairness. Communicativeness. Stress resistance. Interestedness. One should not single out just one of them, making the others less of a priority. Moral qualities of a lawyer are not less important than punctuality. It is the combination of the above characteristics that distinguishes a good specialist who is preferred to be trusted. Morality This is perhaps the most important personal quality of a lawyer. A well-developed sense of morality will not allow a specialist to make a deal with his own conscience. A principled lawyer acts in accordance with the law and does not behave contrary to it, even if such behaviour can provide him with some benefits. If a professional is honest with himself and with others, that is a good quality in a lawyer and also a sign that he is likely to be trustworthy. Google Maps: the hidden location and other useful tips application Name and last name as the mother: 10 strange reasons for which couples were separated Pandemic affected: new parts are stolen from cars The condition of increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia has been named Punctuality The ability to appreciate your own and others' time - is a useful skill in any profession. It is worth mentioning that punctuality is not just a habit to be on time at work. It is a special way of thinking. With punctuality, a lawyer knows how to set a goal, trying to assess his or her own capabilities as objectively as possible. Fairness This quality of a lawyer is a priority. The ability to behave impartially in every situation is worth a lot. A fair specialist is not willing to strike a deal with his own conscience and act contrary to the law. It is this quality that allows a professional to gain the trust of employers and clients. Ability to establish and maintain contacts is useful in any field of activity. Law is not an exception. An employee of this sphere has to establish contacts with the most diverse people. The ability to build and maintain trusting relationships brings the specialist to a new level, increasing his authority. In order to achieve success and build a career in law, a person must have good communication skills. This is a necessary quality for a lawyer, which cannot be neglected. In fact, an impressive part of his activity is built on interaction with various people. This skill comes in handy for achieving various goals: convincing clients, finding compromise solutions with partners, concluding an agreement on favorable terms, etc. Dr. Alexander Myasnikov announced the approach of the third wave of coronavirus Neurobiologist offered an unexpected explanation for the absurdity of dreams How by chance Maxwell managed to make the first color photo China has pressed the position of Russia, having made the world's second successful landing on Mars In interpersonal communications must take into account legal norms, as well as accepted social ethical rules. Both formal and informal methods of interaction are acceptable. Stress tolerance A specialist often has to work with other people, and this leads to an increased intensity of emotions. To the list of the lawyer's main qualities one should necessarily add resistance to stress and the ability to cope with one's own emotions. This will allow you to maintain efficiency even in tense situations. On the contrary, low stress tolerance will have a negative effect on the work process, even if the lawyer's professional qualities are at a high level. Personal characteristics play a significant role in this area. If they are ignored, there is a chance that the chosen activity will bring disappointment. That is why those who are easily influenced by stressful situations should think about choosing another direction or improve their own emotional resilience to negative external influences. Legal professions often involve a high level of emotional involvement. Professionals have to cope with the flow of negative emotions. It is desirable not to suppress them, but to throw them out. But this must be done in a way that does not manifest aggression, does not cause conflicts, etc. That's why when selecting staff, special attention is paid to the personal and psychological characteristics of potential candidates.